Bloch | Balance Lisse Pointe Shoe

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Pre-Advanced to Professionals

The Balance Lisse makes the dancer feel like they could stay ‘en pointe’ all day as the curved Last closely follows the natural contours of the foot.

SIZES 3 – 8 including 1/2 sizes



Last Curved – Emphasises the arch of the foot ‘en pointe’

Shank (insole) Firm – Assists in supporting the arch

Vamp Length Medium – with reinforced satin upper for smooth look

Vamp Shape Open U – Holds the foot ‘en pointe’

Platform Wide & Deep – Gives maximum balance and equilibrium

Outsole Full – Wide Metatarsal & narrow waist

Sides Medium with diagonal seams – Enhances the profile of the foot

Heel Shaped Medium with Thin Heel Cushion – Contours the heel

Paste A – Has resilience and is less affected by climatic conditions such as heat and humidity

Drawstring Elastic



The Balance Lisse has a curved Last which closely mimics the natural contours of the foot so the Shank remains in close contact with the instep.

The generous Platform encourages balanced weight distribution and can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals.

The Balance Lisse has diagonal side seams which reduces satin creasing.

The extra low profile of the shoe and the open throat line of the Vamp shape plus the elastic drawstring creates a streamlined improved snug fit.

The upper stays smooth with reduced gaping with its reinforced backed satin for extra endurance.

Noise reduction under the pleats increases sound insulation.

Dancer Level: Elementary – Advanced – Professional


Balance Lisse offers a supportive and secure, streamlined fit, no matter how demanding the routine. Designed on a curved last, a medium shank follows the natural contours of the foot, keeping the instep in contact with the shoe, to provide comfort and injury protection.

Ribbons sold separately.

Arch support – The Shank provides additional support in the arch of the foot while still allowing for the full articulation of a classic insole.
Enhanced lines –
The shoe’s ultra-low profile, combined with the open-throat Vamp shape and elastic drawstring, delivers a streamlined and enhanced fit.
Long lasting – Reinforced satin material is stronger and longer lasting than traditional satins and helps to reduce wrinkles providing an overall smoother look.


  • Upper Material: Reinforced satin
  • Outsole Material: Leather
  • Lining Material: Cotton
  • Sock Material: Suede
  • Sole: Full Length
  • Heel Cushion: No
  • Dancer Level: Pre-Advance to professionals
  • Colours: Pink
  • Widths: NX, X, XX, XXX, XXXX
  • Sizes: 3 – 8
  • Drawstring: Elastic
  • Last Shape: Curved
  • Shank/Insole: Supportive
  • Vamp Length: Medium
  • Vamp Shape: Open U
  • Platform Shape: Wide and Deep
  • Sides/Seam: Low/Diagonal
  • Heel Shape: Medium
  • Paste: ‘A’ Paste
  • Box Cushioning: n/a


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Shoe Size - Adult

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1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, NX


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